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  • Earth Development - 180 Queen
  • Earth Development - 180 Queen
  • Earth Development - 180 Queen

180 Queen
A 353,300 square foot (GFA) fifteen-storey office building housing Federal courtrooms, Health Canada , Mackenzie Financial and acclaimed restaurant Nota Bene, 180 Queen is located adjacent to the Osgoode transit station at Queen and University in Toronto's downtown core. 180 Queen hosts works in its lobby by acclaimed Canadian artists and defines a civic plaza at its boundaries that is used for community events.

NRA: 254,210 sf
Completion: April 2006
Development: Cost $74M
Owner: The Canada Life Assurance Company

"earthdevelopment, led by David, are frequent guests at Nota Bene. They were effective in assisting us with KPMB Architects to create our amazing restaurant. We greatly appreciated all of their assistance in making Nota Bene a success. Many thanks!"
Yannick Bigourdan
Nota Bene
  • Earth Development - Evergreen Brickworks
  • Earth Development - Evergreen Brickworks
  • Earth Development - Evergreen Brickworks
  • Earth Development - Evergreen Brickworks

Evergreen Brick Works
Encompassing fifteen industrial buildings dating from the early 20th century, the 12 acre site Evergreen Brickworks site was renovated as a Discovery Center and is punctuated by a new LEED Platinum Office building and a café retail facility housing ecologically responsible businesses. Evergreen Brickworks has become a leading event destination and is home to one of Toronto's most dynamic farmers' markets, a host of children's programming and , a Toronto favourite, the Weston Quarry Garden.

NRA: 65,210 sf
Completion: August 2010
Development Cost: $55M
Owner: Evergreen

Brick by Brick Documentary

hungry eyes film and television inc.
  • Earth Development - Ellis Don

EllisDon Sustainability and Stewardship Initiative
EllisDon is one of the largest building contractors in Canada. earthdevelopment was engaged by EllisDon to define their Sustainability and Stewardship initiative. 
  • Earth Development - Downsview Park

Downsview Park
Downsview Park is a 572-acre resource in the heart of Toronto which is Canada's first national urban park. The earthdevelopment team has worked with Downsview Park to create and evaluate institutional grade financial models that have helped them define development strategies that are realistic, profitable, and socially responsible.
  • Earth Development - The Advocates' Society

The Advocates' Society
The Advocates' Society is a not-for-profit association of judges, lawyers and advocates from all practice areas, and Canada's premier advocacy skills training provider. earthdevelopment has worked with The Advocates' Society in the capacity of Development Consultant to help them measure and advance their property development ambitions.
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Small Houses

In an attempt to move beyond a status quo of condos and town homes, we have envisioned a solution for professional zero emission (or near) micro housing. The homes will be designed to be extremely efficient, both in layout and energy consumption.

The units will be individually owned in fee title and would share common access rights.

The concept provides for very small and efficient units which will be well built with the highest quality materials.

The individual houses will be built off site in controlled conditions and delivered to the site. The individual properties are designed to be small in scale, and will deliver homes of between 400 to 1000 square feet in area which would include both studios and 1 bedroom accommodations.

The homes are an option to the condo tower unit of shrinking unit size, and offers an intensive ground-oriented alternative that is worth exploring on key underutilized and hard-to-develop sites.

Please contact us at or 416-806-2670 for more information.

Bloor Islington

Bloor Islington
To design, build, finance and manage a new Civic Building. Located at the north-west corner of Bloor and Islington, incorporating the existing TTC bus terminal and connected to the subway station.

earthdevelopment and its consortium team members (EllisDon, Fengate Capital, Diamondcorp, SNC Lavalin O&M and Cannon Design) filed an Unsolicited Proposal with the Toronto Office of Partnerships.
Bloor Islington

The Hearn Generating Station
To redevelop a 23 million cubic meter decommissioned power plant on Toronto’s waterfront.

The property is ideal for an adaptive reuse program incorporating sports fields, ice rinks, retail, cultural and event spaces. The rejuvenation of this important heritage building will complement the well established Lake Ontario Park and provide much needed public amenity space for the downtown core of Toronto. The development of the Hearn is seen as beneficial to the overall health of the West Don Land and Portlands precincts. The Hearn is the second largest building by volume in Canada (after SkyDome) and its smokestack is the third tallest structure in Canada.

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