Toronto Star - Time for the city to make way for laneway, advocates say
Smaller types of housing have caught on in Vancouver, where affordability and neighbourhood character are also concerns.
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CBC Metro Morning - Sports Complex?
This week, city councillors will consider their next step to bring one of the city's biggest buildings back to life. The CBC's Mary Wiens joined a tour of the Hearn Generating Station.

CBC News - The Hearn

Canadian Lawyer – What's the future of glass houses
"At Earth Development, which bills itself as a socially responsible property developer, the company steers clear of glass walls, because of concerns over building performance."We're not anti-glass, we're anti-all glass." (Click here to read article)

CBC News Feature - A Developer's Change of Heart
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National Post – The Evergreening of Toronto
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University of Toronto Collaboration
Through their long-term collaboration with the University of Toronto Department of Civil Engineering, earthdevelopment engages graduate Ramin Jalalpour to elaborate on earthdevelopment's 3D-to-financial modeling capacity. To learn more about this transformative innovation please Contact Us.